"As a GFA founding member, HP is proud of the dedication and commitment of GFA and its members. HP looks forward to the continued collaboration, progress and success of GFA and the GFA Label.”

Bill Long
VP - Global Logistics Supply Chain Network and Logistics, HP Inc.


"IKEA, through Green Freight Asia and its partners, believes in the importance to work collectively on reducing fuel usage and emissions from road freight transport in the Asia Pacific to create a ‘cleaner’ future.” 

 Jaap Doornbos
IKEA Asia Pacific Director of Distribution


"The GFA Label helps us to identify transport service providers committed to the introduction of green technologies and the reduction of CO2 emissions in the logistics field."

Duncan Loynes
Regional Logistics Manager, HEINEKEN Asia Pacific


"The majority of customers believe that the green transport of goods is increasingly becoming a decisive factor in winning consumers."

Sean Gillespie
Vice President, Transport and Distribution, DHL Supply Chain Asia Pacific


"The GFA Label is important for us as it helps us identify freight companies that share our commitment to reducing transport related CO2 emissions."

Gareth Davies
Director of Logistics Procurement and Compliance, LENOVO




"Success in sustainability depends on mutually beneficial collaboration and UPS is proud to be part of the standards’ setting process for Green Freight Asia."

Shiumei Lin
Asia Pacific Vice President for Public Affairs and Director for Sustainability, UPS