Al-Futtaim Logistics moves up to GFA Label - Leaf 2

Al-Futtaim Logistics, an international logistics and freight forwarding company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates has been awarded the GFA Label - Leaf 2 green carrier certification. The certification was awarded to Al-Futtaim Logistics for its green initiatives which includes the use of biofuel in their fleet, fuel consumption monitoring, electronic planning tool and transport management technologies.

Al-Futtaim Logistics also focuses on improving driving habits by providing eco-driving training courses to all its drivers. The drivers are given speed & idling time restrictions in an effort to efficiently consume fuel. The company's vehicles are also equipped with technology that reduces friction and improves aerodynamics and are regularly maintained to ensure compliance to fuel emissions standards.

Al-Futtaim's achievement this year reflects its increasing commitment towards greener freight operations and in seeking new ways to be an environmentally friendly and sustainable company.

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IKEA Awarded GFA Labels for its 10 Asian Business Units

IKEA received 10 GFA Label awards for its operations in the Asia Pacific region. These awards is a recognition of IKEA's commitment to reducing carbon emissions in the distribution of its products in the region. IKEA China received GFA Label - Leaf 2, which validates that 10% of its contracted freight volumes goes to green carriers. Nine other IKEA business units received the GFA Label - Leaf 1, validating their efforts in promoting sustainable road freight to their carries at the procurement level to decarbonize its operations. 

IKEA is aiming to reduce its carbon emissions from goods transported by 30% per cubic metre of goods sold by August 2020 compared to fiscal year 2012.”