Expolanka Freight joins Green Freight Asia

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Based in Sri Lanka, Expolanka Freight Private Limited (EFL) provides a full spectrum of supply chain solutions , specializes in retail logistics services and operates from 60+ offices in 18 countries.

As a member of Green Freight Asia (GFA), EFL intends to collaborate with GFA to incorporate sustainable best practices into every facet of its business, including the implementation of more stringent carbon accounting standards, as well as comprehensive measures aimed at reducing fleet emissions through driver training and other strategic investments.

“By accessing this international collaborative, we are able to learn and share experiences with the region’s leading industry players. By acquiring the GFA membership, we hope to encourage our peers to partner with EFL on our mission to chart a more sustainable path for our industry, and contribute to a greener world,” EFL Global Lead – Sustainability, Sabrina Yusoof stated.

Founded in 1982, EFL started as a 5-man team in a 300, sq. ft. office and is now part of SG Holdings Group, a leading logistics group in Japan. The company also pioneered investments in Asia to improve infrastructure and led multilateral agreements that have made it easier for some logistics companies to carry out their business.

"Having Expolanka Freight in the Green Freight Asia (GFA) network is a testament of Expolanka’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Sustainability is a core value of Expolanka and this is evident during our discussions with them. GFA looks forward to working with them to further extend their goals and supporting them in the work that they do.” - Pei Shyuan Yeo, GFA Development Manager