Singapore trucking companies undergo eco-driving training

Eco-driving is an effective green freight measure but the barriers to increased uptake in Asia include the lack of availability, cost of the course and drivers’ resistance. Green Freight Asia (GFA), which promotes road freight efficiency, helps fill in the gaps by providing free eco-driving training to its members and subcontracted transport providers.

Our latest eco-driving training was held on 28 August 2019 in Singapore and 20 participants from 7 companies attended the course. The topics that were covered in the 3-hour session include:

  1. What is eco-driving

  2. How eco-driving benefits you

  3. Effective eco-driving techniques

  4. How vehicle maintenance and usage affect fuel consumption

  5. How to choose a fuel-efficient motor vehicle

  6. How to calculate fuel savings

With this training, GFA intends to raise greater awareness on eco-driving as one approach to achieve vehicle fuel efficiency. According to a 2016 study on selected trucking companies in Vietnam, which was done as part of the Green Freight Implementation Project funded by the Asian Development, eco-driving results in around 4-5% fuel savings, requires an investment of around US$150 and has a payback period of 3-6 months.