New Partner LYS Energy Offset Solutions to support GFA Label Assessment

GFA Label’s main objective is to recognize a company’s commitment to adopting sustainable road freight practices, based on an objective assessment of the accuracy and completeness of the reported information and its conformance to the GFA Label criteria.

GFA as an industry-led program, members are entitled to apply for the GFA Label. To ensure objectivity, neutrality, and compliance with data security and competition compliance aspects, GFA engaged neutral GFA Label assessment partner (-s) for the collection, management and assessment of the data that companies provide as part of the GFA Label application process.

As the label is gaining in interest, we are pleased to announce our group of Label Assessment Partner is going bigger: GFA is delighted to welcoming and have the support of LYS Energy Offset Solutions (LYS) – Powered by LYS Energy Group – as new GFA Label Assessment Partner joining BSR and TUV label partners!

--- As new GFA Label’s Assessment Partner, LYS remains independent of all activities verified in performing its services – free from bias and conflict of interest. To maintain objectivity throughout the verification process, LYS performs review and report actual or potential conflicts of interest at any time and shall always comply with the GFA Confidentiality Clause. ---