Schneider Electric Vietnam and Philippines join Green Freight Asia

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, undertakes to contribute to tackling climate change by taking further steps in reducing its CO2 emission by becoming a member of GFA in Vietnam and the Philippines.

Today, Schneider Electric is now a GFA’s member in four countries: including Thailand and Singapore.

“Go green in the city…” - Duc Vu Minh, Vietnam Country Manager

“Climate change is one of our generation’s biggest challenges, as a part of our contribution to the planet we have set a global goal to reduce CO2 emission. In EAJ we have a lot of factors contributing to the CO2, Schneider is continuously taking a step in reducing it as a part of it we have become a member of GFA.” - Abhinav Subramaniam, regional leader for the Green initiatives, and Transportation & Control Analyst East Asia Japan Logistics Global Supply Chain

GFA Schneider.png