In collaboration with the Smart Freight Centre, GFA organized the Green Freight Leader’s Society (GFLS) Forum last 12 July 2018, which was held in Shanghai, China. 

Participants include business leaders, government representatives, industry associations, research institutes and academia, technology providers and OEMs, development agencies and NGOs, and other partners dedicated to green freight where they learned about various initiatives on green freight and developments on sustainable freight including regulatory trends.

Here are the program highlights:
1. Mr. Wang Jian, Chair China Federation of Logistic and Purchase gave an overview on developments of key policy and regulations

2.  Mr. Wang Zhe of Rock Mountain Institute talked about urban freight and uptake of new energy vehicles: in Shenzhen

3. Mr. Michael Zhang, Sustainability Developer at IKEA presented their sustainability program, achievements, and challenges

4. Mr. Zhao Jun, Project Manager at Newbrother Logistics shared their green freight action plans and initiatives

5. A panel discussion on how to accelerate the adoption of sustainable solutions and carbon reduction efforts in China

Exciting outcomes from the event include:
1. Opportunities between SFC and GFA to collaborate further to further advance GFA’s mission in China

2.  A collective understanding among participants on the roles of each sector  in providing concrete solutions to promote green freight

3. A shared expectation on the need to develop an engagement platform (participatory approach) and specific focus (topics for further dialogue) and target objectives for future sessions. 

It’s great news that participants want to continue to engage and to sharpen the discussions going forward. Stay tuned for how GFA can support the next steps.


GFA is also grateful to the following partners for making the Green Freight Leaders' Society (GFLS) Forum in Shanghai possible:

1. IKEA (a GFA Founding Member)
2. Heineken (a GFA Founding Member)
3. Smart Freight Centre (China)
4. China Green Freight Initiative
5. Business for Social Responsibility (China)



Watch the video of GFA event in Shanghai.