GFA Label Awardees

DHL  Supply Chain - Japan


Congratulations to DHL Supply Chain Japan, which received the GFA Label –
Leaf 3!  This award is a testament that the business unit has passed the criteria for regular vehicle maintenance, the use of green technologies to improve fuel efficiency and to reduce carbon emissions and lastly for providing eco-driving training to its drivers. It's no surprise that DHL Japan receives this GFA Label –Leaf 3 award as the company has an extensive sustainability drive under its GoGreen program.

This is certainly a very special award for DHL Supply Chain (DSC) Japan. By receiving this award, it reassures the company and the employees that DSC Japan is proactively doing something good for the environment, which is perfectly aligned with our global direction. A lot of hard work has gone into obtaining this certificate and will continue to maintain and exceed the governance and management of our fleet. This is not the end of our journey as we will always need to continuously improve. Hopefully, one day we will obtain the GFA Label Leaf 4 – the highest rank. I would also like to thank the staff on the ground who actually do the hard work and to GFA for helping us obtain the certification.
— Tetsuro Makuuchi, Program Director

Shanghai Transwin Logistics


Kudos to Shanghai Transwin Logistics too! The transport and logistics company received the  GFA Label - Leaf 2 this month. This award is an improvement over their previous GFA Label status, which was Leaf 1, and is an indicator of the company's commitment and progress for green freight practices. Now, Shanghai Transwin employs fuel and carbon reduction in its vehicles and also provided eco-driving training to its drivers.

The awarding of GFA Leaf Two certificate is an encouragement for Transwin focused on fuel emission, CO2 reduction and environmental protection in the past years. Meanwhile, we will keep on going, always be a greener road partner and growing together with GFA.
— Landy Yao, Key Account Director