Blue Dart gets its first GFA Label certification!


Congratulations to Blue Dart which recently received the GFA Label – Leaf 1 certification! This achievement reflects Blue Dart’s commitment towards adopting green freight practices, which is a key part of their social responsibility program.

Blue Dart, a distribution and logistics company based in India, is part of Deutsche Post DHL Group’s DHL eCommerce Solutions. Blue Dart chooses greener alternatives for its business in alignment with the Group’s global environmental protection strategy - Mission 2050: Zero Emissions. The company has achieved an efficiency improvement of 27.9% in 2018 and is well poised to achieve the Group’s target of 30% efficiency improvement over the base of 2008 by 2020.

The company’s sustainability commitment includes:

·      Planting over 111,000 trees every year along with, official planting partner for United Nation’s Environment Program’s (UNEP) Billion Tree campaign and WWF

·      Investing ahead of the curve in green logistics such as Smart trucks and electric vehicles


Blue Dart is delighted to be associated with GFA and be a part of the movement that encourages a greener way of doing business.

- Ketan Kulkarni, CMO & Head - Business Development, Blue Dart Express Limited

Green Freight Asia receives grant to launch incentives for trucking companies in Vietnam

Green Freight Asia (GFA) has been awarded with $100,000 by the P4G (Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030) to launch a set of incentives to motivate trucking companies in Vietnam to adopt eco-friendly practices and improve fuel efficiency, contributing both to their bottom line and to cleaner air.

This program is in partnership with the BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) and GFA is one of the 13 recipients of the P4G funding. To learn more about this grant, please visit here.

Lionel Steinitz, GFA CEO, said: “It is with great joy that GFA - in collaboration with the BSR - receives this funding from P4G, which will contribute to our mission to reduce transport emissions from Vietnam’s road freight sector. We are definitely looking forward to supporting Vietnam’s GHG reduction targets.”

P4G is a leading forum, which brings together business, government, and civil society organizations to develop public-private partnerships to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Register at our 29 August Eco-driving Training (Singapore)

Join us for a half-day eco-driving training course on 29 August 2019, Thursday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm! This is complimentary for Green Freight Asia corporate members. Slots are limited, register now!

Topics will include:

  1. What is eco-driving

  2. How eco-driving benefits you

  3. Effective eco-driving techniques

  4. How vehicle maintenance and usage affect fuel consumption

  5. How to choose a fuel-efficient motor vehicle

  6. How to calculate fuel savings

Eco-driving Training in Singapore.png

Join our 26 Sep Forum! E-mobility Transition in Asia Freight Transport

To register, please click  here.   Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956 Level 3, Rooms 3412-3413 - Heliconia (For main program)  Level 3, Rooms 3512-3513 - Hibiscus (For green tech exhibition/networking)

To register, please click here.

Venue: Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre
10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956
Level 3, Rooms 3412-3413 - Heliconia (For main program)

Level 3, Rooms 3512-3513 - Hibiscus (For green tech exhibition/networking)

Forum Rationale

In 2018, Green Freight Asia looked into how to solve the barriers in adopting green freight technologies. With this, our speakers shared industry best practices, introduced green freight-related policy developments and provided an overview of various government financial supports for companies that want to invest in green technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

However in Asia, trucks used for goods delivery constitute only 9% of the total vehicle population but emit 54% of road transport emissions. Air pollution from transport could then be significantly reduced by addressing freight trucks rather than passenger cars, and one sustainable approach is the use of electric vehicles.

Hence this year’s Green Freight Asia’s forum intends to showcase the e-vehicles implementation in freight transport by selected companies considering the landscape constraints in Asia. Our topics will focus on providing information and insights on:

 1. Trends, challenges and probable solutions for electric vehicles

2. Case studies on last-mile deliveries using e-vehicles

3. Financing options for electric vehicles

There will also be an exhibition of green technologies showcasing innovations that could help address pain points in greening the supply chain.


Here is the list of participating exhibitors - selected green tech providers - at our forum:


Xnergy Tech
Xnergy is a Venture Capital and Sovereign backed startup based in Singapore. Established in 2017, Xnergy’s mission is to be a leader to provide power management solution in the area of AGV (automated guided vehicle), Robotics and EV (Electric Vehicle) application globally through Xnergy’s state-of-the-art wireless charger. Xnergy is a product engineering company. Our core value is engineering: starting from converter, expanding to power device packaging, power semiconductor and IC design. We aim to provide the best charging experience for our customers globally.

Contact person: Vincent Chuang (


Botsync Pte Ltd

Botsync specialises in providing autonomous mobile robotics solution to help companies transit to Industry 4.0 faster and cost-effectively. With our state-of-the-art robotics solutions, companies can increase their production rate with high efficiency to meet growing consumer demand. Our current two products, Magellan and Copernicus, are targeted towards automation of point-to-point goods movement in an indoor and outdoor settings, respectively. Our vision is to provide easily modular deployable solutions to enable SMEs, especially in APAC region, to improve their productivity and be able to compete with multinational corporations.

Contact person: Rahul Nambiar (


mobilityX Pte. Ltd

Founded in Feb 2018, mobilityX Pte. Ltd was established to provide integrated Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions for urban commuters. With its initial testbed at the Nanyang Technological University campus and Clean Tech Park and its recently launched Zipster app across Singapore, mobilityX is Singapore’s first MaaS operator.

Contact person: Michelle Lim (

T-RECsai.jpg Pte Ltd is a marketplace for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) trading. RECs Sellers (Renewable Asset Owners) will market their RECs (bid price) for sale in our platform. Interested RECs buyers may select their desired RECs amongst the listed assets and place an offer to buy. The transaction is completed by writing the entire record into the public Block-Chain for verification. provides a trusted end-to-end service for our clients, from buyers-sellers matching to RECs registration/retirement to finally post-sale ownership verification and fraud prevention.

Contact person: Mong San Ping (

Telepod Pte Ltd 

Telepod is a transportation and tech startup which provides urban mobility and last mile solutions. Telepod offers 2 core services: (i) e-scooter sharing for the B2C and B2B2C partnerships, and (ii) licensing/franchising of a scalable e-scooter sharing system. Telepod also enables last-mile delivery for parcels & e-commerce through its in-house developed system.   

Contact Person: Jit Yen (


Spectronik Pte Ltd 
Spectronik develops advanced Hydrogen PEM fuel cells. Headquartered in Singapore, we provide integrated fuel cell solutions and full life cycle services for tomorrow’s unmanned vehicles, making them run cleaner, travel further, and last longer.

Contact Person: Jogjaman Jap (

LYS logo no background.png

LYS Energy

LYS Energy is a Singapore-based Solar Independent Power Producer (IPP) that builds, owns and operates Solar PV Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Public sites in the Asia Pacific region. It offers the full range of solar services to install solar PV systems on unused rooftops and site spaces. Through a set of newly developed innovative solutions, future adopters have flexibility in the way they want to consume solar electricity. Without expending any resources, our customers can benefit from lower and predictable utility costs and enjoy stronger sustainability branding. As a council member of the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS), the group also acts as a consulting body with several government agencies in electricity and power sector.

LYS Energy aims at being a vector of the Energy Transition towards a more distributed, autonomous and smart model. Incorporating distributed generating facilities, energy storage systems and smart grid, the company re-invents the energy industry towards a customer-centric prosumer era. Since its incorporation, the company has deployed over 50MWp of high-performance solar PV systems, with a pipeline of over 200MWp in Singapore and across the region in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippines.

Contact Email: (


Eco-Pak Singapore
Eco Pak Pte Ltd is a supplier of cargo pallets produced entirely from agri waste and non hazardous materials. Our products are biodegradable and delivered into the supply chain with sustainability, to the forefront of our ethos.

We offer an eco friendly green solution for the transportation of goods that require pallets, to reach your market. Plastic, wood and steel pallets all have a negative impact on our environment and are increasingly being phased out through legislation by countries that recognise that a more responsible environmental solution is essential if we are to avoid contributing to climate change and, degradation of the environment.

Contact Person:
Glen Creighton (Tel:96691154)
Joshua Kou (Tel: 97644767)



Anywheel is a homegrown dockless bike-sharing platform which offers an alternative eco-friendly first and last mile mode of transport for your daily convenience.

Contact Email:



LOGFLOWS is a Hong Kong-based technology company that develops a SaaS platform to help logistics companies, corporations and their subcontractors track delivery orders, intelligently plan routes, provide order data to drivers, deliver business and data analytics to customers, provide real-time billing and reconciliation, and more.

Our mission is to empower every company in Asia with the need to transport goods with economical and easy-to-use tools that work to see that their cargo is delivered efficiently and accurately.

We were established in 2016 and have clients throughout Asia.

Contact Email:


Alpha Biofuels

Alpha Biofuels burst onto the clean energy scene in 2004. Its core philosophy is to engage communities to reduce climate change effectively, and to empower communities through the benefits of using clean energy.

Guided by its vision of deriving clean energy from waste, Alpha Biofuels is on a mission to aid individuals and communities in reducing their carbon footprint. We believe that a carbon footprint conscious community can only be created in an environment where people know how they can contribute. To meet these objectives, the company developed programmes such as collection of waste cooking oil, education programme, and "Waste oil for fuel" programme.

Contact Email:



The ISO Group is the forefront Behaviour-Based Safety Operations training provider in MHE (Forklift, Reach Truck, Powered Pallet Truck etc), the ONLY Government Agency Certification for MEWP (Scissors Lift, Boom Lift, Sky Lift), Hoisting Machine, Lifting Supervisor & Planner, Rigging Slinging & Signalling, Crane & Plant Inspection and Defensive Driving for Motorbike, Cars, Lorries, Prime Movers, Ambulance & Fire Trucks training in Malaysia.

We have been awarded 8 International & Local Accolades in Safety, Productivity, Innovation & Training amongst which includes American Society of Safety Engineers - Safety Management Innovation Award, UK Royal Society for Prevention Against Accidents - Guardian Angel Award, Asia HRD Movers & Shakers Award, Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council - Innovation Award. We are the only HRDF 5-Stars Training Provider for Machinery Operations.

We have over 20,000 satisfied trainees from MNCs, PLCs, GLCs and SMEs from our15 years of operations.


Join our webinar and learn to calculate GHG emission in logistics!

GHG Methodology Webinar.png

Green Freight Asia will be hosting this webinar on 1 August 2019, Thursday from 4:00pm - 5:00pm to guide you on how to estimate and manage CO2 emissions of road freight movements.

 In this webinar, our speaker will touch on the following topics:

  • Existing GHG standards

  • GHG accounting principles and process

  • Calculation methodology for logistics emissions

If you are a Green Freight Asia member and is interested to join, please email to to register. You may also extend this invitation to your subcontractors.

Expolanka Freight joins Green Freight Asia

GFA PR Final.png

Based in Sri Lanka, Expolanka Freight Private Limited (EFL) provides a full spectrum of supply chain solutions , specializes in retail logistics services and operates from 60+ offices in 18 countries.

As a member of Green Freight Asia (GFA), EFL intends to collaborate with GFA to incorporate sustainable best practices into every facet of its business, including the implementation of more stringent carbon accounting standards, as well as comprehensive measures aimed at reducing fleet emissions through driver training and other strategic investments.

“By accessing this international collaborative, we are able to learn and share experiences with the region’s leading industry players. By acquiring the GFA membership, we hope to encourage our peers to partner with EFL on our mission to chart a more sustainable path for our industry, and contribute to a greener world,” EFL Global Lead – Sustainability, Sabrina Yusoof stated.

Founded in 1982, EFL started as a 5-man team in a 300, sq. ft. office and is now part of SG Holdings Group, a leading logistics group in Japan. The company also pioneered investments in Asia to improve infrastructure and led multilateral agreements that have made it easier for some logistics companies to carry out their business.

"Having Expolanka Freight in the Green Freight Asia (GFA) network is a testament of Expolanka’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Sustainability is a core value of Expolanka and this is evident during our discussions with them. GFA looks forward to working with them to further extend their goals and supporting them in the work that they do.” - Pei Shyuan Yeo, GFA Development Manager

RichLand Logistics achieves GFA Label certification


Congratulations to Green Freight Asia’s newest member, RichLand Logistics for receiving the GFA Label-Leaf 1 certification! This award is a validation that the company is committed to and has existing programs to reduce carbon footprint from their transport fleet.

Based in Singapore, RichLand Logistics, provides logistics solutions to a myriad of sectors, including technology, petrochemical, consumer goods, manufacturing, oil and gas and freight-forwarding. The company is also a subsidiary of SGX-listed Eneco Energy Limited, a company engaged in oil and gas exploration and production.

RichLand has a modern transport fleet of more than 400 trucks and trailers, manages more than 1,000,000sqft warehouse space, and employs more than 700 staff.

RichLand Logistics is committed to delivering sustainable supply chain solutions and more importantly green sustainable solutions.

We are committed to driving down damaging greenhouse emissions through our fleet upgrade programs and the introduction of clean fuels that reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide output.

We look forward to exceeding the targets over time set by this great initiative with Green Freight Asia.

— Colin Peter Moran, CEO

Proud to Announce – Green Freight Program Accreditation!

Smart Freight Center Accreditation.png

We are proud to announce that our GFA Label program is the first to be accredited as a Green Freight Program (GFP) by the Smart Freight Centre (SFC).

This GFP accreditation ensures that road freight carriers, which achieved 2 leaves or above in the GFA Label certification provide greenhouse gas emission data that conforms to the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC Framework). 

More of this great news can be seen at SFC website.


20121017_D3S_5219 (1).jpg

Al-Futtaim Logistics, an international logistics and freight forwarding company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates recently receives the GFA Label - Leaf 2, which validates the company as a green carrier.

The award also indicates that Al-Futtaim Logistics' green freight practices include using carbon emissions reduction technologies to its fleet, implementing a regular maintenance program and training half of its drivers on eco-driving to improve fuel efficiency.

“Al-Futtaim Logistics is a leading third party logistics service provider in the Middle East and is committed to the protection of our environment. One of our top organizational goals is to embed environmentally sustainable practices across all our activities in a manner to avoid or reduce environmental impact.

Currently, Al-Futtaim Logistics’ trucks are using biofuel , low resistance tires, are pulling twin or light trailers and equipped with windbreakers. Furthermore, drivers have been trained in ECO driving to enhance fuel efficiency. We are pleased to see the results of our effort in carbon dioxide reduction confirmed by Green Freight Asia. We will follow this strategy in the long term while continuing to seek new opportunities to contribute to an environmentally sustainable world.” - Raman Kumar, Managing Director, Al Futtaim Logistics

Let's welcome our new members!

iHub company photo.PNG

iHub Solutions (Singapore)

iHub is a leading logistics service provider headquartered in Singapore, offering customised digital supply chain solutions. The company's business is in warehousing, local transportation, inventory management, fulfillment and delivery, e-commerce integration, asset management, kitting and assembly, and document storage management.

“iHub’s mission is to deliver smart logistics to our customers and this means we also pursue best practices that align with “green” strategies. We will strive continually to do our part for the

environment and this is our commitment to Green Freight Asia.” -

Mr Koh San Joo, Managing Director

Soar Logistics (China)

Soar Logistics  provides comprehensive supply chain services to large and medium-sized enterprises in China and abroad for12 years.

The company possesses domestic and international shipping awards such as the AAAA Level Comprehensive Logistics Enterprise from the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and ISO certifications.

Soar Logistics also has wholly-owned subsidiaries in Beijing, Shenzhen, Haikou, Chengdu and Hong Kong, forming a strategic layout of domestic, international and investment and financing services.