About the Label

Green Freight Asia rewards companies that demonstrate a commitment to—and progress toward—the adoption of green freight practices through its voluntary green certification program, the GFA Label program. A GFA Label award is an additional external validation of a company’s commitment to sustainability.


The vision behind the GFA Label is to build a community of green freight players (shippers and buyers of road freight services) working closely through agreed mutual incentives, particularly during the carrier selection process.

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The GFA Label gives shippers convenient access to "green" carriers who are committed to efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint, and gives carriers a competitive advantage with shippers (particularly multinational companies at the carrier selection process). 

Divided into four rankings—minimum, enhanced, strong, and outstanding—the Label allows carriers to apply for and acquire recognition for their progress towards sustainable freight, and allows shippers to select and reward carriers by making sourcing decisions that include sustainability criteria.

Video Tutorials

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GFA Label Distinction

The GFA Label comes in four distinct tiers of recognition. A company that attains one leaf has demonstrated a minimum commitment to adopting green freight practices, while a company that attains four leaves has proven itself as a true sustainability leader with an outstanding commitment.

Application Process

  • Download and complete the GFA Label Questionnaire (Carrier (CN), Carrier (EN) and Shipper/Buyer). Useful instructions can be found on the Introduction page inside the GFA Label Questionnaire.

  • Submit the GFA Label Questionnaire by attaching it in an emailing it to the relevant label partner:

  • The chosen GFA Label Assessment partner will get in touch with you for questions on the completed GFA Label Questionnaire and the payment of the GFA Label fee.

  • Receive the GFA Label and Certificate of Excellence. In case your application was successful, then you will receive an electronic version of your GFA Label Leaf and Certificate of Excellence from Green Freight Asia.

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