We reach out to key industry players who believe in the transformative power of greening operations. We then explore ways to work together through focused partnerships. Our goal is to reduce carbon emissions from transport while ensuring that our partners also benefit.


The business sector is facing increasing pressure from the public to go far beyond regulatory compliance. GFA welcomes businesses and other partners who strongly believe that in today’s volatile and increasingly complex environment, multi-sector partnerships are the key to solving dilemmas within and across sectors. This is the cornerstone of GFA's approach.



Shared Value

In recent years, the business sector has been seen as a major cause of environmental problems. This image is changing, as more and more businesses recognize their power to create better societies. GFA helps its members create economic value in a way that also generates a positive environmental impact, ensuring long-term success.

Neutrality Code

The principle of neutrality is the underpinning value in GFA’s engagement of its members. GFA does not promote any member or present a member in a favored light. Instead, GFA seeks to add value as much as possible to all of GFA’s stakeholders.